Saturday, December 7, 2013

Snow, Baking and Amazon

Monday I go back to working (and begging for help at BYU's HBLL) on getting my files correctly formatted to upload a children's book onto Amazon. Want to share a bit of what I've learned: when they say you need 1/8th of an inch for a bleed page, they really mean 3/8ths; so, I'm going to make the borders 1/2 inch this time. In other words, if you want the book size to be 8" X 10", 
send them an 8.5" X 10.5" page. Ahhhhhh....!!! I spent the bulk of last week on this and bothered 
more than my fair share of HBLL employees.
Have finally completely gone back through all of my illustrations, along with the text, 
(all hand-lettered on overhead projector sheets with sharpies) 
to make sure there's enough of a "bleed" margin on each page, 
as well as what Amazon refers to as "a safe margin for error"--their error.  
Luna's introductory page is very problematic, because I only left what I thought 
was the necessary 1/8th inch at the top.  I don't know why.  Now I know better, have redone that lettering, and will be more careful with future projects--there WILL be future publications, 
but first there's this one.

Meanwhile, tomorrow I have a date with some darling teenaged girls 
and an old friend, their mom, to make sugar cookies!  
Earlier, I purchased and set all the ingredients out on the counter.  
What exactly IS cream of tartar, anyway?  
I mean, there's tartar sauce--is it derived from the same basic ingredient?  
Is it bad for your teeth?
Hmmm, I "Googled" it, and learned a bit about how they differ.  
Someone actually asked if you could substitute tartar sauce for cream of tartar 
in making cookies.  Funny people are everywhere.
There are definitely somethings I really love about the internet.  
It's come a long way since I first tried using computers to find anything.
And it's been snowing outside again all day.  I love it when I'm inside looking out.  Stupidly, I wore heals to the temple this morning.  It wasn't snowing, much, when I went in...Happily, being fully aware of the precarious nature of my footwear, I managed not to slip and fall, and have enjoyed the gorgeous, early wintery weather, listening to Christmas carols on CDs in the car 
and gathering ingredients for sugar cookies.  
Tis the season for frosty white windowpanes and frosted sugar cookies. 
They'll be on the next blog, along with, I hope, the news of Twinkle and Luna on Amazon!
Have to advertise for Karli, she's the gorgeous brunette in red!
She, along with all these other wonderful actors, are doing a series of audition pieces as part of their senior year performance requirements.
you might want to pop by on
Wednesday, December 11, 2013  at BYU's HFAC, from 7-9 pm, if you're around.
Also there's this:
It's December 10th and 12th at 8:00 PM in the HFAC on BYU campus and, 
as you can see above, it's FREE!  What a wonderful time to be alive and in Utah!

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