Let's Learn Japanese -or- 日本語をならいましょう!

As a free-lance muralist and decorative painter since 1976, 
I subsequently decided to major in English and minor in Japanese. 
This focus, along with living and teaching in
the USA, Japan and South Korea, 
has added words to the art and music I've loved for so many years. 
Besides teaching English, 
this is the 3rd year I've had the pleasure of tutoring students 
in the Japanese language for NCVPS.
By working daily with American students
who are learning Japanese for the first time,
ideas for how to introduce this old and beautiful language,
 in a more fun and intuitive way, have evolved.
This DVD introduces the phonetic alphabet of hiragana,
along with some vocabulary and basic sentences,
stories, music and activity/art pages.
Each DVD sells for $10 (plus Utah sales tax & postage, if applicable),
& includes the following;
As a sneak preview, a ひらがな sample learning page looks like this:
Activity pages include word searches for vocabulary covered during the lesson:
...and out-of-the-box ideas for "flash cards" and practice activities for
each set of new hiragana characters:
Each DVD includes a suggested approach for how to present lessons, 
which should run for about 12 weeks:
 Japanese doesn't have to be scary, dull or overwhelming!
Everything about Asia is exciting, fascinating and should be woven into the
learning process! Cool stuff like food tasting with chopsticks!
Art and paper folding, skits, dialoguing, can
 culminate in a presentation of all the students have written,
created and learned to say.
It can also include an original story in Japanese!
At the conclusion of each semester
you can host a fun and impressive presentation
with and by your students for friends and family.
Make a Youtube Video of it, and submit it to me for a prize!
Group classes via Google Hang Out or in Northern Logan Utah
may be scheduled as well, for Home Schoolers, preschools,
individuals and small groups of all ages,
beginning in mid-September 2016.
Artwork by Joanna
Childrens' Murals, Faux Finishing
Language and Art

Learn, think, and express yourself Creatively!

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