Monday, February 26, 2024

JasonDumplingSoup Pt 2

He never leaves anything unfinished: Jason uses even fewer words, but finishes making his favorite traditional soup, then sits down and eats it! His video comes in two parts: this is part TWO.

Jason Makes Dumpling Soup Pt 1

Shy, younger student Jason uses fewer words, but shows us all how to make a favorite traditional soup! His video comes in two parts: this is part ONE.

Dove's 3 Ingredient Cookie Video

Watch out world! I can see Dove becoming some kind of multilingual video host when she grows up! She took my dog cookies' recipe, exchanged butter for butter, and turned her bake into buttery cookies for her friends. Bravo for the first submission (and it's AWESOME) for February's TESOL student video challenge! So proud of her!

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

2nd TESOL Challenge: Make cookies for those you love!

TESOL Learner's Video Challenge #2 for February, the month of love is to make a "how to" video for making cookies! Mine were my pups, Mini and Molly! What kind of cookies would your loved ones like? Show us with a video!