Monday, April 18, 2016

Register Soon for Kids Kreate!

If you missed the early registration event at Logan's Hobby Lobby,
there are still openings!

**PLEASE NOTE: MAY 12 THROUGH  MAY 30th I'll be in Asia.  
During that time, Email: 
I'll answer as quickly as possible & registration can be done via PayPal.
A new class is offered once a week for 8 weeks. 
The schedule for classes, fees and dates are all included in this post.

Email, text or call to register:  and/or 385-207-6623

AFTER MAY 12th: Please use Email to contact me, as I will be in Asia for 2 weeks.

KIDS KREATE SCHEDULE (both ages 4-7 and 8-12):
• 6/8 or 9 Weds OR Thurs: Greeting Cards with Envelopes from Wall Paper, Buttons and more.
• 6/15 or 16 Weds OR Thurs: Sponge Paint Day and Night Skies with clouds, stars, moon, etc.
  • Draw and cut out happy stars, moon, etc.
• 6/22 or 23 Weds OR Thurs: Rock Painting & Decorating: Hearts of Stone, Pebble Pets, Bug on a Rock, etc. which can be made into magnets or accent pictures…
• 6/29 or 30 Weds OR Thurs: How to Draw, Paint & Color Fish and Animals on Walls, Paper, & more…
• 7/6 or 7 Weds OR Thurs: Painted Sunrise, Sunset with Black Silhouette Desert Scene painted or decoupaged over.
  • How to make your own decoupage glue.
• 7/13 or 14 Weds OR Thurs: Chalkboard Painted Blocks in a variety of colors.
  • You’ll bring home a recipe for making chalkboard paint, too!
• 7/20 or 21 Weds OR Thurs: Mosaic Kite & Fish Sun Catchers: made out of black paper and colored tissue paper.
• 7/27 or 28 Weds OR Thurs: NO CLASS. National Homeschooling Convention in Logan!
• 8/3 or 4 Weds OR Thurs (last summer class!): Painted, Ripped & Pasted Ocean; and we’ll create Fish & under-the-sea stuff!
AGES 4-7: $40 for 4 one hour Classes or $80 for all 8.  Discounts available for enrolling 2 or more together in the same classes!

AGES 8-12: $50 for 4, ninety minute Classes or $100 for all 8.  Discounts available for enrolling 2 or more together in the same classes!
DECORATIVE PAINTING, for Adults and teens, will be held later in the year. Cost for Classes are as follows (you are more than welcome to register for all 8 classes, as well as receive a discount for 2 or more in the same class together!)
Here are a few images of the type of things we'll be creating (depending on the class) during our time together-- CORRECTION: You and/or your children will undoubtedly make something never before seen or imagined!
We'll try our hands at drawing some animals and fish!
And not just painted, either! This image is from Pinterest, because I don't have mine scanned in, yet.  But, some samples can be seen in the Hobby Lobby display pictured above.
We'll sponge paint sunsets, day and night skies, learn how to make our own "Mod Podge," and add a desert scene with it...
Deeper colors with stars added create night skies....
Rocks are ridiculously paint friendly and can become magnets, garden accents or paper weights!
Don't throw out old wall paper--cut, paste and create greeting cards!
Summer's a great time to play--include art and add magic to your family's summer!
Looking forward to seeing you (spread the word) in class!  
(I'll let you know when online classes become a thing I know how to do, too!)

Visit Artwork by Joanna on Facebook for more examples of my work!

Please email, text or call to register:  and/or 385-207-6623

MAY 13th THRU JUNE 1st I'll be traveling, 
but will check my email and help you register as quickly as possible!  

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Beginning June 8 and 9, Art Classes at Logan's Hobby Lobby

After about 40 years of painting children's murals and faux finishing
teaching "how to" classes seems in order, 
especially since Hobby Lobby is just up the street! 
So, with June just around the corner, mid-April seems like a good time
to start registration!  Classes will be available at the time listed below,
every Wednesday and Thursday in June, most of July, and the first week of August.

If you'd like to register, but can't make it to this Hobby Lobby registration event 
 on April 16th, NO PROBLEM!  
PayPal or other options are easily available, so give me a call, text
or email to get registered and/or to request more information.

Classes for children, 4-7 and 8-12 will include 8 
of the following this summer:
Classes for ages 13 through adult will include 8 of those listed above this summer.  

There will be a Thursday evening 6 to 7:30 pm
class offered too!

Here's the schedule for days & times,
plus prices for early registration:

AND, there will be a raffle for a hand-painted item by me
for all those who register for 4 or more classes;
Details and photos of the item will be available soon!

This'll be a super fun summer 
and looking forward to creating cool stuff with you!