Sunday, September 9, 2012

While in Korea

Thanks for visiting my website/blog and while I'm in Korea I'll be updating Candy Corn and Spiders the most frequently. My most recent post is here: For those of you who are more net savvy, I beg your patience! I'm currently working on a children's book when not doing lesson prep for 30 classes a week or checking out the scenery where I live. And I'm so grateful I didn't end up in a bigger city, because I LOVE where I am! This is a photo from along my daily walking trail, which is just minutes from my apartment, surrounded by buildings.
These walks are a favorite part of my day, but new friends are giving me more views which I'll have to bring my camera for. But contrast that mountainous scene (and green mountains and water are everywhere!) with this view from my balcony window, hmmm?
Anyway, I've written 2 poems since getting here because I'm so inspired by surroundings, including the plethora of wild flowers, like pumpkin blossoms--they're everywhere. Come October, Linus would love it here!