Thursday, April 22, 2010

That's My Room!

This a mural in what was, That's My Room of Sugarhouse, Utah. Jon and Aimee are the owners of this now completely on-line fabulous store ( and I'm looking forward to doing more with them in the future! Painting is "what I do," which makes it a sort of therapy as well :-)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Nihongo 102

This is a portion of one homework assignment for my Japanese class. I still need to memorize today’s CC (core conversation), there are 3 a week, and today’s is particularly lengthy, so gotta get going on that. Further, each week includes one oral & one written (kanji) quiz weekly and written assignments every other day. By the time this semester concludes, we are expected to have about 200 kanji memorized, along w/retaining the nearly 100 characters for the 2 phonetic alphabets we're supposed to already know (I skipped 101, so had some cramming to do...). Blogging would not be complete without including the fact of this class in my journal entries for the semester....the hours spent in memorizing and writing take anywhere from 15-40 hours out of every week. I’m hopefully going to retain some of this, but, quite frankly, have found it difficult to really concentrate on anything else. There is an upside, however: the language is coming back! Old vocabulary words pop into my mind regularly and the demands of the curriculum are proving my gray matter isn't total mush--yet.