Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Paperback of Twinkle and Luna

They say a picture is worth a thousand words--man, I hope so!  
At any rate, this adorable photo of a little one looking at the paperback edition of 
Twinkle and Luna makes me so happy.  According
to her mum, it's a favorite and she pulls it out 
frequently to have it read to her.
So, it's official: Createspace has the best 8.5" X 11" paperback version 
of Twinkle and Luna. The link to it is as follows:

Lulu has the eBook, which comes in handy for sitting in church or long car trips.
I'm always amazed at how mesmerized little ones are by 
anything they can pull up on an iPhone or iPad.
The eBook also provides the most vivid colors, 
and can by found here:

 Before I can get to the recording studio to make the music CD that goes
with Twinkle and Luna, Girls' Camp awaits.
Next week we'll pack up and spend 4 days at
Cinnamon Creek, which looks quite lovely!
Hoping to find a way to sleep, however, in tents
surrounded by giggling teens.  Fun fun.
The first week of July will take me to Los Angeles to spend the 4th of July and my birthday
with my favorite couple, Jordan and Karli.  
They've just returned from a glorious week in Cabo with friends,
and are back in LA, carving out a new life together.
  And what's new with you?  How is the beginning of summer playing out?
So much to do in these warm, slightly less hectic months.
Was there really ever a time when the word "boredom" had meaning?