Saturday, April 9, 2016

Beginning June 8 and 9, Art Classes at Logan's Hobby Lobby

After about 40 years of painting children's murals and faux finishing
teaching "how to" classes seems in order, 
especially since Hobby Lobby is just up the street! 
So, with June just around the corner, mid-April seems like a good time
to start registration!  Classes will be available at the time listed below,
every Wednesday and Thursday in June, most of July, and the first week of August.

If you'd like to register, but can't make it to this Hobby Lobby registration event 
 on April 16th, NO PROBLEM!  
PayPal or other options are easily available, so give me a call, text
or email to get registered and/or to request more information.

Classes for children, 4-7 and 8-12 will include 8 
of the following this summer:
Classes for ages 13 through adult will include 8 of those listed above this summer.  

There will be a Thursday evening 6 to 7:30 pm
class offered too!

Here's the schedule for days & times,
plus prices for early registration:

AND, there will be a raffle for a hand-painted item by me
for all those who register for 4 or more classes;
Details and photos of the item will be available soon!

This'll be a super fun summer 
and looking forward to creating cool stuff with you!

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