Thursday, March 31, 2016

日本語をならいましょう! Learn Japanese this Fall!

As a free-lance muralist and decorative painter since 1976, 
I subsequently decided to major in English and Japanese. This emphasis, along with living and teaching in
the USA, Japan and South Korea, has added words to the art and music I've loved for so many years. 
Along with teaching English,
I've had the pleasure of tutoring students in the Japanese language for 2 1/2 years.
By working daily with dozens of students
who are learning Japanese for the first time,
ideas for how to introduce this old and beautiful language,
 in a more fun and intuitive way, have evolved. 
Details about each class are in developmental stages, 
but they'll include ひらがな & カタカナ learning pages; 
traditional songs and stories in Japanese and about Japan;
food tasting; art and paper folding; skits; dialoguing, &
a culminating group presentation of an original story in Japanese.
At the conclusion of each semester
group classes will share a presentation, food and creations with friends and family.
Classes will be available for Home Schoolers, preschools,
individuals and small groups of all ages, 
beginning in the Fall of this year, 2016.
More information will be available in additional blogs,
as well as at the National Homeschooling Convention
here in Logan, Utah, July 28-29th!
Learn, think, and express yourself Creatively!

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