Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bunny and the Book

What a week--Karli's performances last week were fantastic!  I'm seriously in awe of her, 
and her talented classmates.  Their broad ranges of abilities are too much for me to
fully fathom.  I walked away inspired and more determined than ever to follow
their examples and my heart's dreams.
Jordan's been super busy, too, with 2 jobs, trying to squeeze in writing, 
and he's finally getting over a prolonged flu.  Huzzah!

Say hello to "Ginger!"  
Abandoned by some college kids, who left it in a box as a prank, 
Karli knew I was thinking about adopting a bunny.
She sent me a "no pressure, but some friends have a rabbit they can't keep" email.
The minute I saw him/her (still don't know which), I was smitten.  
She's soooo soft, smart and ginger colored (hence the name). 
She was a huge hit with the kids I babysat the other night!  
Zola was quick to fetch her own stuffed bunny, 
as proof of her love for bunnies in general.
Ginger is extremely curious, exploring every inch of any room she's in. 
Once she's sniffed all she can reach, however, 
her chewing tastes include carpet, wood railings, and computer/TV power cords. 
 Soooo, I'm crash learning how-to-train-your-rabbit. Unlike puppies and kittens, tho, she sulks in relative silence, only making noise when she chews on the bars of her cage.  
I give her lots of fresh veggies along w/her bunny food, 
to keep him/her healthy and make time in there more enjoyable. 
To let Ginger out, I open the door and she can exit when she chooses.  
I don't know why, but she's house trained!!  He/she hops into the bathtub, 
where I've laid a towel, and does her biz in there.  Easy to clean up that way.  
The other big thing of last week--  
Thanks to many hours of trial and error, along with oodles of help from BYU's library's staff,
 my first book, Twinkle and Luna, is finally up on Amazon for sale!!  
I've listed this link as the preferred purchase link as follows:

CreateSpace is part of Amazon, and particularly supports/promotes indy writers/illustrators like myself.
If you go to this link, and decide there's a young child you'd like to give the book and/or read to, 
you'll need to set up a user name for CreateSpace, first.  
The text is handwritten.  Its rhyme scheme and rhythm are based on alternating melodies, 
signifying the differences between the lonely moon (Luna) 
and all the tiny, chummy stars (the tune of Jane and Ann Taylor's poem,
 currently known as: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star).  
Hope to have the CD recorded asap.
Lots to learn and accomplish this year, since I've "only just begun?"  
The process in both exciting and exasperating, so I want to send out a
HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for supporting and helping along the way!  
CAN you believe Christmas is in a week??? This is an old photo--there's actually a lot 
more snow outside this year.  Utah put on her holiday attire weeks ago, and has stayed dressed up.
Stay warm, take good care and enjoy!


  1. Congratulations on your book! Way to go Joanna! Love seeing you new bunny. What a cute name too. Have a wonderful holiday season. Love ya! Amber