Saturday, November 30, 2013

Deck the House to End November, Welcome December!

Thanksgiving at my brother, Tom, and his wife, Marji's house was delightful!  
My niece, Maegan's baby, Alyssa, was the bell of the holiday gathering.  
"Aunt Emily," mommy Maegan's sister, and my beautiful niece, too, 
is a natural with Alyssa, but I stole a few moments of my own.  
We need the other grandchildren, Cora and Elijah, closer to pass around!
Roasting a turkey is a compulsion, since I love leftovers and its wonderful aroma!
So, even though we ate a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at my brother's house,
I'm happy that my bird browned up nicely for sandwiches the following day.  
Karli and Jordan enjoyed my fireplace and lunch Friday afternoon;
and brought home, trimmed branches, set up and decorated the tree!
Hanging lights isn't on my list of favorite things to do, so I just fixed lunch and took pictures of the duo.  We had broiled whole wheat sandwiches with cheese, a smidgen of garlic, and turkey, with a baked yam, butter & sour cream.  These two definitely earned their lunch!
They insist they enjoyed putting on the lights and ornaments.
When I came home after seeing a movie with them, the tree looked so pretty--!
I've never had a lovelier tree in my home and it makes the room feel complete.
I found a few special ornaments the next day,
overlooked during the fun, busy and full previous afternoon.
Marji, made this one--she makes this lace by hand.
Her patience and skill baffle my mind!
Jordan, tried to attach the final star  (had to balance it in place later),
before we ate,  stopped at the local World Market, and then saw, well, a disappointing movie, Ender's Game.  Unlike the riveting novel it's based on,
the movie's only hope is that it might be a smash hit with adolescents. 
Last night, the newly weds held their own first Thanksgiving party in their apartment.
Judging by the Christmasy feel they brought to my home, it was a success! 

Having committed to having it out before Christmas,
my next goal, as Thanksgiving ends and the Christmas season begins,
 is to upload my little book, Twinkle and Luna, onto Amazon.
Here goes...can't wait until January to make this resolution.  New ones already claimed that month.
I'll post a link when I figure out how and it's available!
(The CD which belongs with it, will be done soon).  Wish me luck. ;-)

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