Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Logan, Transitioning and Thanksgiving

Spent this past week in Logan, Utah, cleaning, patching and painting my town home up there.  Views from Logan, along with the drive up from Brigham City 
among the most beautiful I know. 
So, I posted several photos last month of the Autumn views.  
Those mountain and farm views,
as well as a lack of factories and billboards, contributed to why
I purchased a property up there about 8 years ago 
(when my business was doing well--before the economy collapsed—
most of you know the drill)!  Welcome to my Logan Town home.
 Less than a month later, the mountain landscapes changed dramatically, as Mother Nature airbrushed the rocky angles with snow. 
When I first arrived a light dusting offset the shadows.
Through out the week however, fierce winds blew clouds in, carrying more powder and deepening every crevice and highlighting every tree.
I bought food, towels and a change of clothes
at nearby Walmart & Sam’s Club,
along with gallons of carpet cleaner, a small space heater and spackle;
and decided to stick around a little longer. I really do love the place and am deciding, while it’s empty and almost clean, if/when I’ll make it home.
When I first bought the place, mountains were visible from the front window; so, I painted this window and scene on the blank kitchen wall, reflecting what I saw.  Now there’s a retirement villa and church across the street. 
That’s totally ok—it insures peace and quite. 
We old folks don’t like noise!  The cool angles in the house, high ceilings, and huge attached garage won’t change either, and it suits me,
both artistically and pragmatically.
Logan is a quaint, old, small city, with a gorgeous temple
(I found this photo on the internet),
and tabernacle.  Years ago, I sat all alone inside, right next to that magnificent organ while it was being tuned.  The man tuning it played “Come Come Ye Saints” for me, gradually opening up each pipe until I was immersed in unearthly music, which melted away the veil of heaven.  I’ve loved that hymn ever since and have never heard the likes of that solitary concert before or since.  But, the Tabernacle hosts free concerts and lectures through out the year.
I adore old buildings and this tabernacle is a favorite.  Further,
buses take you wherever you want for free, if you reside in Logan.  But, the mountains are what have grown on me most, here in Utah.
Remnants of Autumn leaves and dried up fields, flanked by these snow-etched, exquisitely sublime, Rocky Mountains, consistently take my breath away. 
They dwarf every day scenes and put mortality into perspective.  Tree limbs, now shorn of their Autumnal elegance, transform into lace through which distant snowcapped peaks may be viewed.
When the light fades and angles blend into silhouettes, those bare branches celebrate the brilliance of both sunset and sunrise.  I had to pull over to try to capture a photo or 2 while driving home.  The intensity of color overpowered my little camera, but captured my sense of awe.
As the light faded slightly, a more accurate image resulted, and with that, I wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings.  
This year, I'll be with many of my family and am sitting by a fire typing. 
Many of those I love won't be able to join. 
“Through the years, we all may be together, if the fates allow.  Until then…
have yourself a merry little Thanksgiving NOW.”


  1. You've captured so magnificently the town of my birth, dear Joanna! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.