Sunday, March 29, 2020

Summer is for Art and Learning Classes!

So ready for social distancing to be OVER!
But, as it turns out, social distancing isn't ending anytime soon 
AND I've accepted the position of ELA & Drama Teacher for the
foreseeable future at Gila Ridge High School in Yuma, AZ!
So, art lessons will simply have to wait. There's a time and a season for
every good thing and the teaching opportunity feels like the 
best fit for now through retirement!

I'll visit my 1920 house, in Richmond, IN every summer for at least a month and make it my personal art project to share with anyone who'd like to read/see what changes are made to it.

I'm not going to erase this entire blog, just post it edited with the current state of things.
Whether I'll be teaching virtually or in a face-to-face setting is TBD, but
will do my best whichever way it goes!
There will be 2 different times of the day that you can choose from, 
every Thursday for 8 weeks, beginning June 25th.
This can be a great way for teens to bond with parents, 
as well as an awesome alternative to video games or
hanging out at the mall.
I'll be posting images of what you'll be creating for each class
as soon as possible, but here's a list of the techniques 
I'll be using on my walls and sharing with you!
To get the low low rate of $25 per class (that includes supplies!)
sign up early for multiple classes!
But wait! Do you have young kids 
who need something fun to do while you 
go shopping or out with a friend?
Wednesdays are "art & learning camp" for kids 3 to 6 years old!
If you have a 7 year old who wants to join in, that's cool, too.  
This is just an approximation of the ages activities will 
be centered around.
A full list of classes coming your way SOON!
So, if you're feeling kinda shut in and gloomy, 
take heart! 
Together, we'll bring out the sunny side of summer,
no matter what!

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