Friday, April 28, 2017

Just a Few more "T"s to cross and "I"s to dot until I have my Visa... work in Beijing.  I'm excited, nervous, and so many things...  
The chance to combine art, writing stories, songs, and lesson plans, is too good to pass up, 
even though I'll have to leave my adored Lizzy behind for a year. 😓
The new job will primarily involve developing lessons and editing, 
helping with the making of videos for the school, 
as well as teaching on line a couple of hours a day. 
Toward that end, they asked me to design a lesson for upcoming Mothers' Day.
Using a story and music from an idea that's been in my head for years,
here are some excerpts:
The only human images are photos, like this one of my son and I.  
He's the very best thing that ever happened to me.
Every living thing has babies, and every baby has a mom.
From there it's easy to pull from critters which follow the alphabet, like "A" is for Ant:
and "B" is for Butterfly:
"C" is for many things, but of course, what's cuter than a Cow and her Calf?
...and so forth and so on, including the letter "E"
and "F."  Did you know a Fish baby's a "Fry?"  Starts me wondering about some of the names we choose for food, hmm?
Naturally, we want to focus on what mom's do for us: 
Mommy cleans with me.
Mommy reads with me.
Mommy teaches me and holds me when I’m sad.
Mommy takes care of, plays with, and sings to me.
Mommy makes me happy!
Each of us loves our mom because she loves us.


  1. What an exciting adventure, Joanna! You do the COOLEST things!!!! Looking forward to reading about your year in Beijing!

  2. Beautiful . . . let's hear it for mothers!

  3. I love the pictures with you and your son. Such love!