Friday, August 5, 2016

Wrapping Up & Moving Ahead: Art and Language Classes

It's slow going, but my broken elbow is gradually mending.  In the process, sometimes large blocks of time vanish in sleeping and trying to find some way to alleviate the pain of the physical therapy designed to remind my arm how it's supposed to move.  That limb seems to have little to no memory of ever having been able to do what the right one can...Anyway, my deepest apologies for being slow in posting what's next in this coming up.
However, I'm gaining a deeper appreciation for people who struggle with chronic pain.
 Conclusion: I'm not good at it.

Back to business, starting with a clarification of what that means,
recognizing that it might seem a little ambiguous.

Simply put, Artwork by Joanna is Art & Language.

My blog/website has quite a few samples of mural and faux finishing
jobs from over the years (just glance to the right & click on any page). 
YES! I'd love to help you transform any space in your home or office,
so check out what's there, & remember, I can design something new for you!
It's also a rather literal embracing of the common term "language arts."
It's about children's books in English and Japanese, 
and educating with the Arts as tools and mediums of expression.
These blog posts will focus primarily on upcoming classes:
 stuff we've done & will do!
Having taught English in Japan, S. Korea and the states, 
North Carolina Virtual Public High School has also employed me
as a Japanese language coach for 3 years.
From this combination, the idea to use original 
stories, art and music to introduce an seemingly complicated language is evolving.

So, when Cara Rector, a long-time friend who's very involved in Home School Education, 
suggested I set up a booth at the LDSHE convention 
held in Logan at Utah State university,   
 I signed up.  
While there, I met home educators and suppliers, and made some great connections! 
I'm currently organizing local and on line small groups to learn Japanese hiragana,
along with some vocabulary and simple sentences.
Cara bought the DVD, and upon returning to Pennsylvania, here's what happened (quote): 
"My little girls spent...their morning using your DVD, then they started drawing some characters and writing the English translation underneath."   
The DVD includes each of the 46 characters in ひらがな with an explanatory page like this one, along with practice sheets, activities and suggested cultural learning opportunities, and more.
 It can be purchased separately
(It's only $10.  I'd love to get a copy to you:
But it will also be part an integral tool for our on-line and local 12 week course.

It's time to sign up & move ahead, since classes need to begin by no later than mid-September.  
If you and/or your child are interested in Japanese lessons, either on line or in person,  please email, text, or call at your earliest convenience concerning what times work best for you. 
That way, we can organize small groups of learners
for optimal fun & a cost-effective learning experience!
Many, many thanks to Amber Bowden for helping create a powerpoint 
to bring Twinkle and Luna alive in Japanese (part of our young learners' final presentation)!
Yep, it's on the DVD!!!
Again, Japanese classes, both on line and in person, will begin in September.  
We'll meet virtually, or in real time,
once each week, for a 50 minute class, wrapping up in early December. 

ALSO, what about coloring, cutting, pasting and painting = ART??
Autumn Art classes will resume at the end of September.  
We had so much fun; let's keep it up!
(Psst!  Our next project: Cow Pies!  Don't worry, no actual poo involved!)
I'll offer 2 different classes:
Kids Kreate, for children ages 4 and up, 

and hands-on mural painting & finishing for teens and adults!

A "faux" finish just means a painting technique that makes something
ordinary look like extraordinary: 
It can be elaborate or subtle, depending on the project. 
For these faux finishing classes, we'll work on sight--
the 2nd level of a town home in Bridgerland Meadows, which
includes an open stairwell.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you and setting times, dates, and locations!
Phone: 385-207-6623 (leave a message or send a text if you miss me!
--even if it still says I'm in Asia--I'm home now.)

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