Monday, March 3, 2014

Life's been Crowded...

This really is such a gorgeous area, particularly in winter!  However, I'm working 2 jobs currently, and the Soldier Hollow Charter School is about an hour away.  Monday through Friday, I leave my home by 6 am at the latest (need prep time in the morning), 
and then race home to tutor Japanese on line for 2 hours.  Weekends are for volunteering a couple hours early morning at the temple, grocery shopping, grading papers, laundry, Church (where I teach four ADORABLE 3 year olds) and playing a bit with Ginger 
(as well as cleaning a very dirty bunny cage).  Life is very, very full!
And it can be so much fun!  We had Cultural Olympics last week, and I took South Korea to talk about, sample food, etc. for a month.  My team was awesome and we did a clip from Gangnam Style for our chant on Friday--we got 1st place for that chant. :-)
The middle school tubing party, a few weeks earlier was an absolute blast too, 
especially since Jordan and Karli were able to join us!  The students ski weekly (last ski date is today), but, I do not ski.  Instead, I made a point of making sure this tubing party 
actually happened, so I'd be able to play with my 60 students in the snow.
What an amazing day it was--sun shining and crazy fast speeds going down those slopes!
The month before that, our classrooms were full of science fair projects.  I was in absolute awe of how involved and intricately executed almost all of these kids' projects were!  
I've never seen anything like it!  They are blessed with a super enthused science teacher, who had them mummifying chickens a couple weeks later--quite an aromatic affair, 
but the students will never forget it! 
Ok, now I have less than an hour to get out of here, (I love the sunrise in Midway!) so gotta go.  
This morning in Language Arts, the students all have book reports due, new quiz terms to study, a Utah writing test to prepare for, I need to print out the pages and return all the work graded over the weekend.  For fun and to help them toward writing a persuasive essay, 
we're continuing 6th grade debates today on who John Holdbrook, 
of The Witch of Blackbird Pond, will end up marrying: Mercy, Judith or Kit.  
Spoke with a client from Maryland last night on creating wall prints from my work and I'm face painting for a children's party this month, but for now, teaching takes precedence over all, until I get the hang of it.  I should be headed East this summer to paint and will focus on the books (there was a printing problem to resolve with Amazon) when school's out, or during Spring break.
Tata for now, with love, from Ginger and Joanna!

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  1. It sounds like you are having an amazing life! Thank you so much for sending this to me. Would love to give you a hug!