Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back in the U.S.

Upon returning there is SO MUCH to do after stepping out of the country for year,
but gorgeous skies keep happening and as long as I get up early enough, they share it all with me.  It's cool, windy and I wear a sweatshirt to begin each day, here in Spanish Fork.  Such a change...
There's not much to report so far.  Because I've scanned in most of the illustrations completed in Korea, I'm going to start using this blog now, because the books are one of my main points of focus.  Thank heavens, everything arrived in one piece after the flight.  
As I've mentioned repeatedly, my son is marrying an gorgeous human being, 
inside and out, Karli Hall.  He lets her choose his clothes and diet and I've never seen him so smitten.  It's absolutely adorable!
She's tall, unpretentious, ridiculously talented and totally classy, 
as are her mom, Michelle, and sister, Karoline.  
We met last week and I've got a whole new reason 
to be excited about this wedding.  
Michelle's like a short, vintaged version of her daughter, and 
I am so looking forward to spending time with her!  
The air and weather will be sweet 
and beautiful for their wedding in a month--it already is. 
Just walked outside and already
a hint of Autumn pervades.  
Tom and Marji grew an extraordinarily fruitful 
crop of spaghetti squash this year, 
so if you'd like, one, please let us know!

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  1. Yay for all the new good things going on in your life!