Sunday, January 31, 2010

Naturally obsessed with trees!

"Silhouettes of tree limbs black as darkest night,
celebrate the glory of dawn’s effulgent light.
Black lace adorns both hill and dale to weave an ethereal pattern, etched in sharp contrast across kaleidoscopic hues of heaven."
-written in Winter 2005
-birch trees painted 2009

Growing up in rural Maryland, where my nearest neighbors were a mile away, I was surrounded by woodlands, pastures, streams, wildflowers and animals. I've never understood how people can NOT find awe in the beauty of nature. I echo Wordsworth's sentiments in that nature inspired awe and reverence in me as a child, it does so now, and I'd rather die than stop feeling that way.

"Huge snowflakes captured atop pedestals of slender, pale green stems,
Queen Anne’s Lace sways softly in the balmy Summer breeze."-written in Summer, 2008

"Heaven nestles in the heart of every flower.
"-Written in 2005, rose photo by my brother, David


  1. Sometimes poetry is the only way to capture the feelings you have for something. Nature inspires a lot of those moments. I agree with you and wordsworth. P.S. Your work is wonderful. :)

  2. you wrote that poem? that is beautiful. i agree also about how children see so much. i liked how we discussed that in class the other day. i sometimes want to be like a child and notice all the little insects and little details of nature and all things around.

  3. I agree with what our teacher said in class about what happens when you become a parent--that world can open up anew for you as a Mommy or Dad. Earth worms, puddles, and tiny rocks...everything became intriguing again when seen through my son's eyes and still is :-)

    Shortly after my Dad passed away in 1996, I started "hearing" poetry and epigrams in my head and am convinced that if I EVER write anything worthwhile, he's the author and my muse.