Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Day After

No doubt, the Hall family is far more exhausted than I am.  Never-the-less, I'm out of staying awake fuel as my son and Karli Hall's wedding week draws to a close.  It was as close to perfect as possible. The weather was gorgeous and in so many ways, it's exceeded my fondest hopes.  
A prettier bride and groom have yet to step in front of a camera (and there were a lot of them on Saturday).  I've never seen Jordan so happy.  Not only is he marrying the perfect woman for him, she's part of a family of the most loving, hard-working, kind, creative, dynamic people I've ever met.  
All I can post right now are a few photos taken by myself and my brother at the temple.  Hundreds of photos were taken, both professionally and by adoring family and friends, which include reception scenes; however, this photo of Karli & her sisters gives a glimpse into the Hall spirit: 
  Not one whit less loving, kind and diligently helpful, are the men, Karli's father and brothers-in-law.  With unflagging enthusiasm and desire to make the event perfect and do their part, everyone toiled together late into the night.  Yet, despite sleep deprivation, hours of food prep, transporting, setting up, extensive travel and clean up, I never heard a cross word out of any of them--not one.  The only person who got cross, although it was brief and I understand she felt horribly for it afterwards, 
was Jordan's mom.  She's like that.  
What neither Jordan nor myself could possibly achieve alone in our little family, this union with the Hall family will supply.  I look forward to absorbing more of their enthusiasm and creative passion for a life time.  Best of all, when I awoke after an evening nap (you know, that thing you do when it's dark outside), and wondered how I'd feel, having my only son off with a girl, having, I'm quite certain, a most splendid time.  Sure, I love this family all ready.  Yes, this is the very woman I'd have picked myself, if that was still in vogue.  But for years people have managed to worry for me, because divorced mom's, with one son, are supposed to be fall apart when that son marries.  Or so they tell me.  At least my fair share of worrying accompanied preparation for the day, and, umm, social combinations and over-lapping of filial connections which had long been kept apart--both welcome and not-so-much.  We joined forces in worrying over the weather and finances, I'm sure.
Also, any worry of my son's is mine, because that's a mom's job; and 
I worried if I'd "fit in" with this amazing family he raves about...  
While I have decided it's high time I do something about my hair (all of the Hall women are so elegant), everything else went beautifully.  More love was felt and shared by all participants than generally fills a city--any city.  Old and new friends showed up to delight us; family ties wound more tightly and expansively--my brother Tom tried to swing dance with me in 4" red heels
...that's a Youtube video that'll be forever banned--
and old pains from severed relations melted away. 
But, how do I feel after a couple more hours of sleep, knowing my son is married?
Relieved.  There is finally someone else on this planet who cares as much about my son as I do,
and has far more power to make him happy, now, through them.
That's a wonderful reality and the pathway into tomorrow.
He loves her; She loves him; and that's where the best happy endings begin.

PS: I get to watch the finale of Breaking Bad tonight!  If Jordan thinks about that show at all tonight (or for more than a few seconds), he needs help, but it's a highlight for ME!


  1. They are a perfect couple:D _Kelly

  2. So artfully described and depicted, dear Joanna--congratulations to you all!

  3. thanks for sharing. I'll be sure to give mom the news and hopefully a few pictures. Haven't seen Jordan in so long but he seems to have directed all of that childhood energy into a path of abundant creativeness. Will never get over how much he looks like a young Vincent Sakievich or Will Sakievich. Welcoming Karli to the big crazy family. She certainly is a great addition. Hope to meet her some day.
    Congratulations to the Mom that held it all together to raise her son to the young man he has become.
    Wishing the best for the new couple on their big journey through their "adult" years!

    "cousin" Danny
    Arbutus, MD

    1. Karli lived in MD when she was a little girl and would love to visit too! Thanks, Danny, and yeah, I love that he resembles 2 men that mean so much to me!

  4. So beautiful. I am really happy for you and them!

    1. Thanks, Jeannie! Please call anytime, k? Let me know the "state of things" w/you and yours! xoxo