Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Flowers and...

It's Autumn!  So, when I went to Home Depot for cleaners and cleaning advice, their fall flowers caught my eye.  Remembering the empty pots sitting in front of my house, along with one, lonely face drawn on a spaghetti squash, I devoted an hour or so to picking through chrysanthemums  and came up with these.  The solitary blossom that fell off is adorning 
the squash face just for the photo...I really missed 2 things while I was in Korea: 
baking and planting things.  There's really no room to plant anything in my apartment and it didn't have an oven.  An adorable apartment, it suited me quite well, however,
potting some flowers adds to the sense of being Home.
In between cleaning, job interviews, and wedding prep, I'm working on how to apply the text of my stories to their illustrations.  Granted, my camera's washed out the colors and there's a problem with glare, but those issues go away when using a scanner.  Since I already had a VERY OLD box of transparencies with a 1/2 inch white strip lying around, here's my first attempt.  Going to try not to screw them up, because these transparencies are very clear and work well.  However, I'm not sure they're the right size...could also cut up sheet covers.  I have nearly 400 of those!
So any thoughts on the lettering style?
What I REALLY feel like posting right now are photos from the pre-wedding bride/groom photo shoot on Wednesday at Wheeler Farm.  Jordan suggested the place because we went there together awhile back.  But, of course, to post bride & groom photos now would be a spoiler,
so I'll forbear and just post this lovely morning view
of the mountains in back of the hay barn, sun rays streaming over them.
Also, here's the antique teacart I'm trying to paint for the reception.  Should've taken a "before" shot, but here's an in-between.  It's going to be primarily antique white, but the dark shades need to go on under the white and then look "exposed." I think it looks pretty cool like this
(better, of course, w/the wheels attached).  I took off the wheels to stain them;
added a thin layer of the antique white to the cart and sponged a lot of it off,
 then more dark stain on the cart, and sponge-dragged it off too.
The whole theme of the wedding reception is rustic, early America--I don't know what'll go on this teacart, yet.  I might attach a photo of it finished, along with the bud vases I get to paint and distress!  These are all the bride's family's idea.  I've figured out I'm not really a "party planner."
I like doing intimate little dinners and helping others in anyway I can
with their larger plans, tho!  Like last night.
Tom and Marji turned 60 this year and we finally got together to celebrate the fact in their Spanish Fork home (where I stayed before moving back into my place).  The 2 of them blew out the candles together--adorable!  My niece, Rachel, and I are off to the right behind Dave's red shirt.  Karli made and brought cookies, which vanished in minutes; and both she and Jordan
took time out from final week of wedding planning to join us.  All of the
family members available dropped by for a lovely, lovely evening.
Dave got a pretty great image of a backyard view of the sunset
with his little flip cellphone (like mine).
Even the fuzzy image can't mask the gorgeous clouds.
This morning, as I walked around Wheeler Farm as usual, my mind was, and continues to be filled with the current conflict among many members of my faith over the issue of the Priesthood.  Because of my intimate and copious experiences with this topic, I want to say something that might help clear away dark clouds of anger and misunderstanding to let in some light.  But light is something one usually has to seek.  If shades of gray and darkness become too normal and comfortable in the mind and heart, real light tends to be avoided.  So, I wonder if anything I say could penetrate with any efficacy.  On the other hand, what's the point of revelatory experiences beyond personal enlightenment, if not to share that light, even if, being mortal, it can only be partial illumination?
With this blog, I'll stick with art, scenery, the wedding and such.
On my other blog, Candy Corn and Spiders, I'm going to write about this issue.
It's a good/evil, love/hate, beautiful/ugly, Godly verses Satanic topic,
which is how I decided on the name of that blog in the first place.
Plus, I just like the sound of it.

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