Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sugar, Spice and Cookies = Teenaged Girls In My House

Tonight, 4 of my favorite teenaged friends came over and helped make the first sugar cookies of the season.  I made the dough this morning and they helped roll, cut out and decorate!  
Courtney, a senior in HS this year, was quite proficient by the time she left.
 See?  She rolled this dough and the black nail polish is hers, 
as well as those perfect trees and tiny bears!
What lovely girls, and wow, can they make cookies!
They all pitched in and came up with some very creative decorative ideas!  
I've never had candy corn on these, have you?
Rachel thought of that; and they're delicious, all warm and melty out of the oven!
Or gummy bears...YUM!  The tiny bear cookie cutter prompted the mention of gummy bears, 
which I have, so out they came to be enjoyed in more ways than one!
And I've never seen sprinkles used as individual decorations like on this, Rachel's star.
They frosted some of the trees with my green, pumpkin frosting,  
adding traditional sprinkles to those, as well as the ever-popular gummy bears.
On the TV, I had 1954's White Christmas movie playing.  The girls admired the dresses, 
style, music, dancing and humor, including Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby's rendering of the song "Sisters."  I told them I could absolutely see 
some of my teen-aged Korean boy students doing something goofy like that; 
and we all agreed that we'd love for there to be more men in the world as silly as Bing and Danny!
Sammi, wearing Korean socks, 
danced with Rachel during one of Danny Kaye and Vera-Ellen's numbers.  
They want to learn ballroom dancing.  All the girls admire the clothes, 
talent and brains of Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen.
Having been raised with all boys, filling my home up with teenaged girls is a treat!  Thank you, Moms and Dads, who raised these lovely, talented, darling young women.   
Sorry these photos aren't as cute as the girls are.


  1. Making memories as well as cookies . . . . These girls one day will tell their grandchildren about the nice lady who sparked their creative genius as well as warmed their youthful spirits. Way to be a role model and mentor!

  2. It's my girls. How I miss them...terribly. You are so lucky you got to bake with them Joanna. I'm just a little jealous :). Love you Courtney, Sammi, Lauren and Rachel.